Get SAVAGE! (A True Story)

Several times in the past few weeks, I have balked at getting out the pepper so as to be able to pepper a meal with peppery goodness. You see, I keep the pepper, along with some other small condiment-containers, secured in a plastic baggie. (Got this roach problem over here. Yeah.) So, it takes an effort, even if only a small one, to get it out, open it up, sprinkle it on, put it back in, and so on.

But then sounds the voice of Savage Skillet’s Food-Guru, Tara, gently but firmly suggesting that my cooking, my eating, my “delicious”, my little extra efforts, and even I myself — well, it’s all worth it.

So, the balking goes away and I sprinkle on that pepper before, whistling or humming something cheerful, I put the pepper-container back (that’s worth it, too) and then set to chowing down better than I would’ve otherwise.

Because pepper’s good, ya know?

As is the practical power of a bit of cooking-eating advice.

Thank you, Savage Skillet!

*           *           *

But there’s more.

Yes, much more.

As in, how one thing connects to another — and often without our seeing? Or, as in this case, with?

So, one thing: Taking better care of my cooking and eating. Doing that little extra. Like, not balking at the extra effort to pepper my eggs, rather than just falling animal-like upon helplessly unpeppered eggs before getting back to whatever I gotta do next…

Now, other things, if only a sprinkle at a time: A little extra effort with my writing? Giving that eager student an extra few minutes or extra suggestions, sprinkling something extra-helpful into the learning session? Extending my run a bit — or just getting out to run? Even something like reminding myself, “Hey, it’s bed-time; let’s stay on schedule” — then doing so?

*           *           *

Well, I’m just trying out this whole new “sprinkle-the-pepper” approach to my life, so I don’t want to claim too much. But it’s been another little sprinkle of an inspiration for me, and I appreciate it.

It’s also pretty awesome to see, from this new angle, how all things are connected — or, can be — when we make a sprinkle of an effort.

So, once again: Thanks, Savage Skillet!

(And how can I get more elevating advice about such little-but-big things, hmmm?)

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4 thoughts on “Get SAVAGE! (A True Story)

  1. Surrounding ourselves with quality people is such a challenge, isn’t it?
    Like minded isn’t always fruitful- but kindred spirits, ah, that’s the ticket…


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